About Donna

It took me a long time to realize that not everyone sees all the brilliant colors that  I see.

I have often wished that I could take a photograph of the images that pop into my head, or I could show people all the different shades of blue, green and red in their tabby cat’s fur.  Since I can’t do it that way, I share my visions both real and imaginary through my paintings.

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love animals and art.  I am happiest as an artist when I am painting wildlife.  My backgrounds are moving into the abstract, I love the contrast of the detailed subject against it. My favorite subjects are birds, sea turtles, and big cats. I also like painting elephants, goldfish, and koi.

Some Interesting things about me. 

The first 5 years of my life were spent traveling with the circus.  My parents were high wire performers, we traveled across America and parts of Europe. I was privileged to meet people from many different cultures. I believe this is where my deep love of animals and extroverted tendencies stemmed from. I feel a special affinity with the elephants. There was one that would always reach out and stroke my cheek with her trunk. It turns out elephants think humans are cute, perhaps she thought of me as a pet. Fast forward to when I was about 17. My father was in town performing and I went to watch the show and hang out with him. I stopped at the elephants and got a little too close, as I had always done, and there was a trunk reaching for my cheek. She still knew me!

I want to say right here that I do not think that wild animals belong in captivity.

These days my husband Eric, our cocker spaniel Foo, and I call SW Florida our home.  I love going on walks in the woods, riding my bikes along the trails here in the area and of course going for walks along the shoreline at sundown.

My Vision

My Vision for my art is to bring awareness to the fact that we are in danger of losing so many species worldwide and to help support conservation efforts through the sale of my art.

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