Confirmed once and for all… I am Not a Daily Painter

One day I will learn my limits.   No matter how much I wish it, I am not cut out to be a daily painter.  I tend to think I can complete a daily painting challenge when I have had a huge creative streak and have already made several pieces. (I don’t include those in the tally)  When I try to add  discipline “You must paint this subject for for this amount of time for this many days”  my muse takes off and hides, sometimes for weeks.  A person just can not force their muse to stay.

I did manage seven 7×5″ paintings this round. Two are not represented in the photo as Crow sold and the Sand Pipers are framed and packed in my car for weekend  show. If the urge to attempt this strikes again I will keep it private and only share if I manage to paint the whole 30 days.  I think when I challenge myself privately this is much  less pressure and I may have a better chance of succeeding.

Through this I have come to realize that my art is not about discipline. My art  is about nature and my spiritual journey.  My artistic nature is to have several ideas at once or I have had a strange and wonderful dream that has left visions in my head that must make it to the page.  I paint the most fully formed vision but only when the mood strikes. The rest simmer on the back burner of my mind.

I raise a glass of wine to the daily painter. Cheers to you artists that have the ability to create a small painting every day as well work on a larger project.  I think I will spend some time in meditation today.  Perhaps that will call  my muse out of hiding.

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