What is Donna Painting Now?

It isn’t unusual for me to be working on more than one painting at a time.  Most of the time I am waiting for something to dry on one so I start another (usually smaller) piece to work on in the mean time. Occasionally I have several small paintings drying too.  Drying time depends on what mediums I use, and even by color. Some of the oils can take months to dry.


Seahorse with Whelk Shell a painting by Donna Triska

Seahorse with Whelk Shell 12×12″ acrylic and oil on canvas





I started by painting a solid background using acrylic.  When that dried I added the basic shapes of the seahorse and shell, also in acrylic.  Next oils and a pallet knife were used to add the sandy bottom and to add warmth and depth to the seahorse and shell. I should be able to start on the seaweed and other little bits in the background on this one tomorrow  also in oil. Because of a couple of colors this painting will take at least a month to dry





Manatee a painting by Donna Triska

7×5″ acrylic and oil
on Watercolor paper



This happy little guy started out with a quick sketch on watercolor paper.  So far I have only used acrylics and ink (ink is also acrylic).  Today I will add oils for highlights and a few  more shadows.






I am excited to start on a commission piece after a massage this afternoon.  Usually I use massage time to meditate. This time I will focus on the painting.  It will be a whale with shades of blue as the primary I will most likely use a triad but I will think about that on the table.  I’m already feeling the energy for this piece!

I have not had the chance to do any more work on my leather purse. Since that is for myself it will stay on on  the back burner until after the holiday season is over.


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