Painting a Day Gone Awry

I don’t like to make excuses but… I’m a bit behind on my paintings.  I’m struggling with the question should I do two today or just let yesterdays failure to  make a painting stand.

This past Saturday  we  turned back the clock to standard time.  I had been  looking forward to that extra hour of sleep but that is not to be. Foo-Dog, our 10 month old cocker spaniel pup is not having any of this sleeping after the sun comes peeking up business.  He wakes me at 5:30am to go out the first time and just as I am falling back to sleep he insists it is time to drag me around the neighborhood  go for our morning walk.  When we return he thinks it is time for Eric, to get up and have coffee on the lanai, and of course pet the puppy!

I call Foo a scaredy dog and chicken dog.  He  is suspicious and scared of  anything new.  Eric had just quick purchased some hefty bowls when Foo joined our family.  I finally got around to buying him some shiny new bowls that he is sure are going to swallow him  head  first if he puts his nose in them.  I am determined to be a mean horrid human person not  give in and put his food and water in the old containers today.  I have sat on the floor next to him, hand feed him a kibble or two very close to the edge of the bowl.  I even put a treat in.

I was so exhausted from lack of sleep  (and I have to admit grief and tears over the election results) that I have not been able to concentrate on  painting or blogging.

I am  4 blog posts behind but only one painting. I am showing day 6, 7,  and 8  here.   I hope I can get a decent nap in today.

All are 7×5″ and acrylic on watercolor paper.



Painting 5 Sparrow copyright Donna Triska

Seagull in flight day 6 copyright Donna Triska

Painting 6, Seagull copyright Donna Triska

Painting 7 Ducklings copyright Donna Triska

Painting 7 Ducklings
copyright Donna Triska

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