The poll is in! It turns out the people that read my posts are for the birds

I  have tried to do 30 paintings in 30 days so many times before and failed! After a crack team of brain surgeons examined my head I did some soul searching it was determined that I just spend too much time on them.

This time I chose to do a familiar subject. I had narrowed it down to three subjects: seashells, birds, or fish,  I then asked my Instagram followers, my faceBook followers and friends to vote.  As you probably figured out by  the title of this post that it is to be birds. 

This time out I have a 30 minute time limit. I will  simplify as much as possible and work on 5×7″ inch paper.

I decided to not start out a day behind so here is day 1 of 29,


Sandwich Terns 7×5″

Oil, watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.


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