My Favorite Mixed Media Painting That Never Was.

If you are familiar with my paintings you know I work with a mix of media

Before the Fall

Mixed media painting was already doomed before this point.

“A mix of media” are the words I use to describe my work as I do not do what I consider mixed media.  To me, mixed media includes stamps, collage, stencils, and glued on trinkets, whereas I use colored pencil, oil, ink, acrylics and occasionally modeling paste.

This week I wanted to work in a collage element into my piece.  I used and a mix of cardstock and patterns that I printed to make the hat and corset. I wanted to make more of a mixed media piece.  Next, I  went on to photocopy a pre-1950s photo of a billboard advertising my family’s high wire act.  I found a few other elements I wanted to include on the piece.  This was a piece that I didn’t care if anyone else liked.  I determined that this one was to be a gift to myself.  I wanted it to be as personal as possible.

In spite of trying to be careful, there was only one little problem, the card stock left a definite line.  It couldn’t be softened at all.  I tried using modeling paste to round the corners and then paint that.  It looked really bad.  Next, I tried to scrape it back and ripped the canvas.   I ended up cutting it apart and throwing it in the trash bin.  The only thing left is the little part of the family billboard.

I am both frustrated and thankful.  Frustrated, because I worked on it for a good 20 hrs.  Thankful, because fun was had and lessons were learned.  To sum it all up, the next time I try this piece, (and there will be a next time) I will be using printable tissue paper.  The placement of the billboard will be different, and I will have her little bird and monkey friend join her in the next one.


*Edit,  Lesson really learned.  I watched some video of mixed media. It showed the proper treating of the edges.  I know exactly what I did wrong.  I will prep better next go round. 


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