Forgeries of My Work

In 2012 I painted a 10”x8” painting of a lady doing yoga.  In the painting, there is a Monkey and bird sitting on her leg as if to help her get it in position.  The title is With a Little Help From My Friends. At the time I was unsure of my work and had not approached anyone about displaying my art.

I sold the piece on eBay for a very low amount.  A few months later I googled myself to only to see that my painting was for sale on Aliexpress.  The problem is the materials listed are wrong. It is not on canvas and it is not in oil…Poor quality photo they are using here

I tried to get in touch with the woman who bought it to ask if she had sold it.  I didn’t get an answer.  I do not sell the copyrights to my paintings when I sell a painting.  They can hang the image in their home or sell it as they wish, but they Can Not reproduce it.

This piece is being reproduced in China.  I have no idea how they got the image. It is currently listed in four shops.  Only on says it is no longer available.  I have seen it listed as sold several times.

If this were in the United States I could do something about it but it is overseas.  I can’t even find out the names of the people who own the shops to send a cease and desist letter.  So I guess I have to console myself with the fact that someone thinks my art is good enough to forge!  I used to say that I was now an international artist but I have pieces in Japan too.  Those were purchased directly from me and hang is someone’s home

I am interested in talking to anyone who has bought this painting. Photo of the art is at this link

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