Ten Things I Love About Being a Working Artist


The 10 things I love most about my job


  1. Daydreaming is part of the job.

It is wonderful to let my head go where it wants. To think I used to get in trouble for that!

  1. Spending time in museums and art galleries as research.

I love, love, love going to look.  I always come home with a new perspective and inspiration to work on a new piece.

3. Once in a while, I get to tell a story with my art.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a painting has to at least be worth double that.

  1. Working at the beach is a great perk.

The smell of suntan lotion, the smell of the gulf, people watching. .. What’s not to love?

  1. Spending time in art supply stores browsing new goodies.

Any art supply store is my happy place

  1. Getting my fingers in the paint.

I love the feel of paint on my fingers.  I know I’m a little odd but …

  1. It is such a thrill knowing that people like my art enough to decorate their homes with it.

I have art in New York, Chicago, The Motor City… hey isn’t that the lyrics to Dancin’ in the Street?

  1. Painting to music is a blast

The type of music I play seems to set the mood for the painting.  If I want an energetic painting I listen to Belly Dance Radio.  If I want a relaxing piece I listen to Spanish Guitar.  Metal, when I’m in a bad mood, can inspire some darker paintings. ..

  1. Going to other artists opening receptions

Being around so much creative energy is thrilling.  Artists should support and encourage one another.

  1. Bringing Joy to Others.

 There is just something about the light in a person’s eye when they find that painting that was somehow created just for them.

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