My latest piece: A work in progress pictorial

Title: With a Side of Laughter

Support: heavy watercolor paper

Medium:  Oil, Ink, and Colored Pencil

Dimensions: 4”x6

Location for viewingNorth Port Art Center

                                               5950 Sam Shapos Way

                                               North Port, Florida

My oldest son, Michael, was the inspiration and subject matter for this piece.  He was eating breakfast and his wife said something that cracked him up. She was fast and snapped a photo. I have always like the surprise photo over the staged ones. Funny faces and not so serious poses make great painting material. I will not share the original photo here out of respect for their privacy.

A very sharp colored pencil was used to make the initial sketch.  I like to get most of one area done before moving on to the next, as opposed to working with one color all over the composition.  Colors are adjusted,  highlights and shadows are added along the way to maintain harmony throughout the piece.   I did go back over the eyes with Dr. Martins Bombay Inks.  Very little pure white was used in painting the bowl.  I opted instead to used brilliant yellow extra pale, celadon green,  and added just a faint touch of phthalo blue to titanium white instead of using pure titanium white.

People have told me that this painting needs to be in a dining room or a kitchen.  I have also heard that the subject looks like the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, although, my son doesn’t resemble him at all.

First photo

I finally remembered to stop here

Some shading and highlights added

And Finally the bowl

copyright Donna Triska 2017

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