The Connection Between Art and Music

Painted with music on shuffle

It’s not a cowboy hat, its  a rock

I rode my bike to join a few friends for coffee this morning.  I am just getting to know most of them and vice versa.  In a group of six or more, there is always more than just one conversation going at a time.  I heard another conversation about a concert going on across from me.  I asked if I had been invited to that event.  The woman who was talking about said no because she had thought I wouldn’t go.   I asked if it was country music,  she said: “no, it’s metal.”  I laughed and told her that I blasted AC/DC in my house.  I didn’t mention that I also have a hard rock station set up on Pandora.  I like some of Fall Out Boy, etc:…

Mozart perhaps?

I should have asked what she thought I listened to… Chamber music, The Hallelujah Chorus? I’m sure she would have been right with anything she would have come up with.  I like smooth jazz, pop, classic rock, classical guitar, as well as Spanish guitar and even various world music.  I even like some country but it has to have more of a southern rock feel.

The Effect of music on my art

There is a definite connection between visual art and music.  I play a variety of music while I am making art.  The formation and intensity of the strokes are so different depending on what I play.  My strokes are long and slow when listening to Spanish guitar. Short fast thick even savage strokes when I am listening to metal.  Soft elegant strokes and more glazing, are the effects of smooth jazz.  Thick swirls come out as I listen to belly dance music

Someone once said; “Beware of artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.”  I’m not so sure about the dangerous part, but I can relate to most people.  There are exceptions, of course, there always are, but for the most part, I like to be around people who are both caring and kind.

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