My Muse

My Muse

During a guided meditation to find my muse, I saw a beautiful peacock.  His tail was down and he walked along with me.  I knew that I had met my muse.
According to Presley Love over at Universe of Symbolism
“Peacock… is a gorgeous messenger of dreaming and all that you can be with no limits… embracing infinite possibility.  Peacock will love to stroll along your side and tell you the secrets of believing that anything you dream is possible.
Here lately though I have felt that something was missing.  A need to lead with my heart through my art.   I want to tell a story with each piece.  I want to share joy, triumphs, and even sadness and pain.  I hear the peacock beside me whispering that I should follow my soul path.  I took that leap for myself last week.

 The process
I started this painting without a solid plan on where I wanted to end up. First, I chose some pieces of wallpaper. After deciding where to place them, I used wallpaper paste to adhere them.  When that was dry it was time for acrylics. Using brushes, sponges, the edge of a doily, and even my fingers I was pleased but still didn’t know where I was going.  I was having fun with it though.

I was scared
After turning the background every which way I closed my eyes to look within.  There, with tail down looking back at me was my muse, the peacock.   I knew I had to paint him but I was also scared!  I loved the way the background looked and was afraid that I would ruin it.  To help with the fear I first drew a sketch on paper then redrew it with colored pencil on the top of the background the now completely dry background. I knew that I could still remove the colored pencil and redraw if I needed to.  I didn’t though! Next, I went over the outline with pen and Indian ink. The body and tail were filled in using ink and acrylics.
The next step was
Unrest and longing
to improve continuity.  I again went to the acrylics and reworked the background adding high lights, and final details of the peacock.  The final step was to varnish and let dry.

Width 10″, Height 8″, Depth 3/4″ Wired and ready to hang.


Music of the Muse by Donna Triska


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