About Donna


My early years

For the first five years of my life, I traveled with the circus.  My family has been high-wire artists for generations back.  I remember eating dog biscuits with a sad-faced clown (Dime Wilson) and my utter delight at my friend’s father (Henry Faucet) dressed as a gorilla doing their act.  I remember walking beside my father as he, with his heavy Czech accent, spoke with the man walking next to him with his equally heavy Russian accent.  I believe this is where I got my deep love of people and animals, which is reflected in much of my art.  I think a large part of me misses the nomad life that I was not able to have after my parents divorced.

Disclaimer I do not believe that wild animals belong in the circus and I am glad that the elephants were retired.



Why I make my art

My life has been a symphony of chaos and movement. After my parents divorced we moved house at least once a year, sometimes twice. I was lucky if I stayed in the same school. I went to 4 different high schools! Without getting into specifics my adult life was also fraught with much stress.
Through everything the one constant in my life was art. A pencil and a piece of paper took me to a faraway land where I got to just be myself. Art is my calm in the midst of the storm. Painting is my go-to for comfort and acceptance. The art that I make of is a message to the viewer, one of peace, harmony, love, and acceptance.  Making art is healing to the spirit of the maker and the viewer that it also speaks to.