About Donna

Artist Donna Triska

My Loves

I love inhaling the salty scent of the ocean as I’m walking down the beach with the sun bathing my body and the sand smoothing my bare feet.

I love hearing the concert provided by the chorus of the songbirds along with the woeful voice of the mourning doves as they join together to welcome the sun and bid it goodnight.

I love the way dark Bing cherries and honey taste atop the creamy white yogurt that I make in my kitchen.

My dislikes

I dislike the way people overlook their real hunger. Not the artificial hunger of more things and the latest this or that, but the way we neglect our very being. We are not loving enough nor giving enough. We believe that people need to prove that they deserve to be treated like human beings.

My early years

For the first five years of my life, I traveled with the circus. My family has been high wire artists for generations back. I remember eating dog biscuits with a sad-faced clown (Emmet Kelly Jr?) and my utter delight at my friend’s father (Henry Faucet) dressed as a gorilla doing their act. I remember walking beside my father as he, with his heavy Czech accent, spoke with the man walking next to him with his equally heavy Russian accent. I believe this is where I got my deep love of people and animals, which is reflected in much of my art. I think a large part of me misses the nomad life that I was not able to have after my parents divorced.
Disclaimer I do not believe that wild animals belong in the circus and I am glad that the elephants were retired two years ago.

More to come.. writing about myself is very hard for me.