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Dr Donnalittle?

It is no secret that I love nature and animals.

I even talk to animals although unlike Dr. Doolittle I don’t hear them talking back in a human voice.  I feel like Foo-dog my little Cocker Spaniel, who thinks he is a guard lion for me, and I communicate back and forth pretty well.   Sometimes though it gets me in a bit of trouble, like when I was helping take the recycling out to the curb.  As I was pulling the bin forward I slipped bringing the bin over with me.  I spotted a little tree frog on the ground about a foot in front of me.  I started talking to it about our misfortune at being on the ground when she wanted to be back on the side of the recycle bin and I wanted to be on my feet yet here were are on the ground.  No sooner than the words were out of my mouth, the frog jumped at my face.  I screamed bloody murder and my husband came running asking if I were ok only to burst out laughing at the sight of this little tree frog with his front feet hooked over my glasses and his rear toes clinging to the glass.  No people or frogs were damaged in this story.  I really need to make a painting of this!

With the love of our natural world guiding me

I have made the decision to give half of my profits each quarter to a nature/wildlife themed charity.  The problem is that there are so many good organizations that I am having trouble narrowing it down to just 3.   The Second quarter profits will be donated to  I need your suggestions for the third and fourth quarters.  Please post your suggestions in the comments below. 

But wait, what is happening with first-quarter profits?

Abby a friend, and a fellow artist has a great opportunity to exhibit four of her lovely pieces in Italy!  She has been working really hard and has paid her entry fees but is still short of travel expenses.  I am donating first-quarter profits to help her reach that goal.  I would send you to her fundraiser but she doesn’t have it up at yet.

If you haven’t already joined my insider group click here. Choose free 4×6″ print from four of my favorite images. You also get excluive offers and coupons too.

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