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Exciting new changes at Studio Triska!

 About this time last year I added an app that was supposed to help offer note cards in the mix and match sets, instead, it caused my site to overload to the point that I lost everything.  I had to rebuild from scratch.  When I tried to add pillows and bags back into the mix that was a no go. Even after rebuilding There were problems with slow loading and notices that the site went down. A few weeks ago it finally dawned on me that maybe if I upgraded my account that would fix the problem.  I am happy to say it worked!  There are no longer long delays when there is more than one person on the website. 

I was able to reconnect with a USA based printshop to make my products for me. Art prints are available now with more images on the way. I am now able to offer them at lower prices and in bigger sizes. The order goes to the printer the same day it is placed and take 3 to 5 work days to go through the printing process. Pillows and bags will be back as soon as I can get them back into the system. As those of you who had ordered pillows and bags from me in the past know, they are high-quality items.

I am trying to decide whether to have also offer T-shirts and mugs. What do you think?  Drop me a line and tell me or just leave a comment below. 

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