Casey’s Sea Turtle


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I love sea turtles.  I think they are beautiful.  I had the good fortune to find professional snorkeler, Casey Tomasiak @ on Instagram, who allowed me to use one of his underwater photographs as a reference for this painting.

5×7″ Acrylics and ink on 300# watercolor paper.

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The following  from Oceana.Org

The green turtle is an endangered species (= it is highly vulnerable to extinction).  The most predominant threats to this species occur on nesting beaches.  Coastal development has reduced the area where they can successfully nest, dogs and other animals often destroy their nests, and people harvest their eggs for food.  Hunting of adults for food also still occurs in many places.  Individuals are either captured at sea or taken from their nesting beaches.  Finally, thousands of green turtles are accidentally captured in fishing operations targeting other species (sign our petition to save thousands of endangered and threatened sea turtles from dying this year.)  All of these threats have combined to drive green turtle populations to dangerously low levels.  Naturally, only one or two of thousands of eggs will make it to adulthood.


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