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I have been doing some soul-searching lately about who I am as an artist.  The last year has been one of experimentation. I painted with acrylics, oil, (in both stick and regular form) watercolors, and ink.  Paintings have been created on cradled wood panel, canvas, and watercolor paper of varied weights.  I finally found the perfect support and combination of mediums to suit my style.

In the midst of soul-searching over many mornings of tea, walks in the woods, and bicycling on the trails we are so lucky to have here, the answer came to me.  I am a wildlife artist who occasionally shows her spiritual side, not a spiritual artist who paints wildlife once in a while. By trying to approach it the other way around affected my work and in a way was draining my spirit.  I knew I needed to change my website to better reflect the reason I paint and what I feel called to do. In divine perfect timing, my website went down to confirm that it is indeed time to start over.  I am working on the website slowly but surely.  It should be back up and running with special offers within a few weeks.   Thank you for your understanding and patience.  While you are here, join Studio Triska Inner Circle to get exclusive offers coupons and more.  I’m even offering a free 8 x 10-inch printable download.


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